About Tim Wilson                  

Tim qualified from The Northern Institute of Massage in March 1996 as a remedial massage therapist. He gained valuable experience in massage whilst also working as a gym instructor in a well renowned leisure centre in Harrogate.

He furthered his studies at The Northern Institute, gaining his certificate in Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy in 2005, and his certificate in Manipulative Therapy in 2013.

Tim has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from the general public to a number of sports teams and international athletes, as well as with professionals based in and around Yorkshire.

Specialist in Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy, Tim works with clients to rehabilitate and treat injuries.

All treatments on offer have proven popular with a variety of clients experiencing a number of conditions from a physical and/or stress-related origin.

• Sports & Clinical Massage
• Injury Rehabilitation
• Relaxation

Contact Tim any time to discuss how massage might help you.

Holistic Service

Tim prides himself on completing thorough assessments of his clients' needs, looking to identify and address the source of problems, not just treating symptoms only for them to reoccur.

He has built excellent multi-disciplinary professional networks over the years in the sports, leisure, health and wellbeing industry, and is keen to ensure his clients achieve their optimal outcomes using the most appropriate services. If, following a comprehensive and holistic assessment, Tim does not consider that his treatment will provide the most effective outcome, he will recommend other services and provide contact details for those who may be more appropriate for the individual's needs.

Alternative recommended services/treatments may include physiotherapy, osteopathy, biomechanic assessment, and/or personal training. These recommendations may be made in addition to Tim's treatments, or in place of if massage is not deemed the most appropriate mode of treatment.

NB. If, following assessment, Tim is at all concerned that massage may be contraindicated for any health/medical conditions you report or issues he identifies through physical assessment, he may decline to treat you until you have requested clarification from your GP.